HolyDaze 2022, with an old-school assist from vcdplus!

I discovered this in 2020 when i was building out the original official progression for #holydaze2020 in the December edition of @themag.globalboho.com_

It hit like such a spiritual reset, a clarifier to all that had been afoot the first year of lockdown.

This playlist by these guys got so many people going through the toughest holidays they’d ever faced through that season.

The veil was so thin… but there was such beauty in it. & the truth of so many of the pagan holy days of yore were more in sync with this anyway.

Yule is about armies of the dead roaming with Odin/Wotan at the end of the year, leaving things to appease them as they pass by.

Understanding that more broadly could help people see that nothing is wrong with their tenderness and sadness during this time of year that they’re sometimes shamed for.

Our society has literally been programmed in key with death throes, marches and days that were holy in Europe, in remembrance of death & sorrow over those lost.

It’s the subliminal message coded into the proceedings that were stolen from others. That’s why it can cut the way it can.

Understanding that darkness makes… regardless of the political intents of diety popes focused on dominion… the play of God sending his “Son” into all that all the more of a motherfuck, really. Or his “Sun.” In all that darkness, an equal day of light to herald more light coming.

Also makes sense of the death cult vibrations impacted into so many religious “American” expressions that people are just now waking up from. They were seeded, grown in this kind of death cultism before they came to these shores with it.

You usually can’t free yourself of the darkness tormenting you until you can face it personally…& then Impersonally too. Awareness of their presence. First. No shame. Comprehension. Respect of whys & how the fucks they infected you.

Then you can release both variants from your consciousness & figure out what you’d like to grow instead on the good ground all that once took up in you.