I liiiiike Flyboys🥰. I really do. I forgot how much.

pilots on airplane Photo by Rhys Abel on Pexels.com

[yeah, men, mwahmwahmwah lol]

Especially flyboys. They’re incredibly powerful in their skin/uniforms. They’re innately logical & precise, but they’re also undeniably…poetic. There’s romance in a little boy believing he could fly and then breaking his neck so he could do it everyday.

While they’re up there figuring out which type of landing they can do… they’re also propping their phones up in the cockpit filming the gorgeous cloud formations the storms they’re weaving around are making due to rain spouts and headwinds, the sun setting along the lip of the horizon in the distance.

& when they’re conspiracy theorists it’s pristine- it’s pure, mentally seductive logic in the unsavory insanity that gets them-

And the 5G thing is REAL- it’s using the same frequency as one of the landing radar whathaveyous-

There’s a whole control panel he accessed to find out which pilot made sure I got the earlier flight, to see if he knew them.

&They call themselves DEADHEADS when they’re flying, not piloting. They get paid to do it lol.

Like in case Airplane happens lol… there’s a pilot on board😁, an extra layer of protection beyond the air marshall-

He was like

“this is the best money I’ve ever made deadheading lolol-” & I was like

“you’re welcome lol-“

We turned into 5yr olds yakking away the whole flight.

omg the this is sci fi arsenal he loaded me up with! The art too- he was describing things I could SEE… he even has flown during an eclipse-

Then we part ways and I look up and almost run into another pilot as i head through the airport- a terse container of a captain. Brolin type. Naan a smile, obviously at the end of his window- they make them crash out in a hotel if delays happen & they’ve been on their feet too long- Very serious looking. My demented favourite. Tiger catnip. Nothing like seeing a tough guy grin against his will 😬. But I was so full, story ideas ricocheting in me that he was just curtly appreciated & duly noted.

Flyboy parlay tanks full. Roger, that lol.

But cute, also riding to the next terminal.

Curt nod.

We all flood off the lil doohickey and out of nowhere the First Pilot that made all that magic possible blooms up!

Lol- all the gratitudes & gratefulness and blushgrinning whathaveyous grin out as we’re all walking… “all” because Serious face’s mask has broken & he’s taking in our exchange, keeping pace, mystified lol-

We somewhat part ways(diff parallel escalators) & Serious whistles “How in the- who was that-?How do you even know her-?”

They’re like 4 ft away lol. I am eavesdropping like a mug because Serious is like softening like butter, looking wildly confused…vulnerable to blushgrinning. He is straight “motherfucker, How Sway?” to his comrade lol.

& iiiii am eating it Up ☺️.

First pilot Grins like a motherfucker & sticks his chest out a bit, tells him he got me on their plane from LA and then waves over at me. I wave back laughing.

Seven. We’re seven yr olds lol.

Serious’s jaw drops and he… finally smiles a leetle.

Serious was tha other man piloting tha can lol!

Three! THREE Pilots blushgrinning! Ah!Ah!ah!ah!AHhh!

the Angel, Counting~lol.

…and now it’s midnight lol.

Today was wild.

Flyboys and Fireboys, maaan. God is a great designer.