In the absence of performative presence.

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Rudy Guliani.

So much COULD be said about his hi-jinks on behalf of fellow NYC-Boy Trump.

But all of it would be pointless.

What DOES matter on November 20th, 2020… is that this man is charging not Trump, but instead THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA UPWARDS OF $20,000 A DAY for his buffoonery.

What does matter is that 50 Cent, one of the Black rap artists who colluded with Trump in the press, came out on the Breakfast Club and admitted that Trump’s team started the bidding at 500,000 to feign allegiance and upped it to 1 million dollars, as well as saying Lil Wayne got paid.

Lil Wayne then turned around and earlier this week was charged with felony firearms possession, possibly TEN YEARS that he can’t buy his way out of.

But whatever he was paid to stand with Trump was paid BY THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

NOT Trump.

All those frivolous lawsuits?

Trump isn’t paying for them or the crew of lawyers with NO understanding OF election law bungling everything up all the more.

Our government, a governing body that hasn’t been able to get its shit together to effectively address the pandemic, systemic racism, child trafficking or much else …is paying for this bullshit.

As hundreds of thousands lay sick and over a quarter million people are dead. As millions are on the cusp of eviction. People are going through things this fall that may register as trauma for the next decade.

…and people are squabbling about…it not being wise to go home and infect the elder generations of their families because so many people “Don’t know anyone who has been sick.”

Which makes what comes next…horrifically necessary.

The need for a sincere purge is real. But nothing is purged until it is recognized as the poison it is.

I send prayers up on behalf of all who are going through it right now.

Keep Going through.