Pregaming/Kwanzaa 2020~

If you’re curious ~below is the Kwanzaa documentary movie The Black Candle by MK Asante that was narrated by Maya Angelou and won awards across the globe.

I’m sidestepping alot with what I’m going to write next.

I remember the year I actually started to Listen to the lyrics in the annual onslaught of Christmas Music[ which I love, by the way].

92% of them have nothing to do with what Christmas “officially” signifies…but I let people rock…how they rock. The season brings people joy in whatever way it does…so Gambatte!

Kwanzaa is something that I arrived very late to and appreciate the heart of just as much as I do the heart behind Hanukkah & Festivus. To me, all Holy Days are “made up,” some just farther back in time than currently remembered. It’s the human impulse to notice the sacredness in life. In all honesty, starting off each day of the last week of a year thinking about ideals like Unity, Faith and Purpose is one of the meatier rituals out there to me, one I happily get down with. It’s just plain old “good Self Care” to really tap into those flows before leaping into a brand new timeline.

If you’re up for it, each day of Kwanzaa 2020 the who shot the dawg? definition of what each day is officially meant to be about will be presented on