Led by Lotus root…

Freshly shucked oyster.

A hopped up miso soup with salted seaweed, sautéed in sesame lotus root & shitake mushrooms , a leetle rice & fresh ginger.

Just crispy enough Salmon skin onna pile of arborio rice with seaweed, sauteed yu choy greens & hot as fuck pickled Korean everythings, drizzled with soy sauce & sesame oil.

If you wanna casually ride with (nutriously speaking), lean in on the lotus root.

Erewhon has carried gyocha’s great perfectly seasoned pickled lotus root salad since at least 2019, the first time I found it there.

It’s Usually wedged in by the fake cheese abominations. Alongside spicy cucumber brethren.

But you can also find it poached &vacuum packed by the pound in most Asian grocers. For peanuts, too.

Liàn’ôu(?) In Cantonese & Renkon in Japanese.