Let’s cook and Cleanse together: Days of the Dead/Election pregaming Water Fast.

All Rawktober 2020 roads lead to here.

We’ve done all this work[ inner and outer] to hopefully have us moving towards November 3rd with less agita. But it is possible that all kinds of shit may be loosed.

Since late August, I’ve had it on my heart that a whole bunch of us need to be fasting from Halloween up until 12am November 3rd. Water Fasting. Either 24 hours, 36, 48 or the full 72 hours.

Not going to get biblical. But I will post some benefits for you to peruse to see if you’re feeling called to do it too.

UNDERSTAND: They’ve passed a law that says if your ballot doesn’t arrive by November 3rd, it will Not be counted.

UNDERSTAND: In Los Angeles someone set fire to a drop box full of ballots. No word on if those votes were salvageable.

2020 is spiritual warfare.

UNDERSTAND: There Are reports of specific poll workers being caught for coordinating with people supposedly there as support who are picking Latinos that are trying to vote out of lines & taking them to people who are lying & saying the Latino isn’t registered.

But in those reported instances where it has happened those poll workers have been caught.

A good sign.

But it shows this is spiritual.

“The devil roams around looking for whom he can devour” is a very real phenomenon.

So…be prepared.

If you can vote in person, please do before November 3rd.

If you feel curious about or called to fast for at least some period from the full moon on October 31st through to the morning of November 3rd, understand that your spiritual presence is letting you know your heart energy is needed to beam up & out to protect those heading out to vote from any nonsense. Yep. Consider this an official call to be a full-fledged Spiritual Warrior for yourself & your fellow man, a spiritual gangster even!

Also… once you decide you’re In~

Follow your heart.