Let’s cook together: Clean Superfood energy balls by LittleBroken.com

These little energy balls are powerhouses! The original recipe I riffed off of was designed by a woman named Katya over at littlebroken.com.

If you need to do something with your hands to chill out in the current onslaught of cultural madness, try to whip up a batch of your own energy balls. To gain concept, you can pay about $2 or $3 for one of these, but to their credit you will be running all day off of one of them, depending on what you put in them. I like to hide the nutraceuticals I know I Need to take during this pandemic that I don’t exactly have a love for in them.

What I did in this batch is pictured below:

Another person who has a few great energy ball recipes is Lisa over at Downshiftology.com . She has mango energy balls, banana bread energy balls and Matcha Pistachio energy balls. The matcha ones are in the “Must Be Done in the near future” List for the mag.