Let’s Kinda cook together: Simple soothing soup splicing

This is a quickie!

Bone Broth heals {almost} every hurt.

But~ not everyone is as enamored over freezing the bony carcass of an animal after it’s been picked clean to make soup broth from as I am.

I make it en masse to be used throughout the week in the same way those rectangular boxes of broth that you can pretty much buy at any grocery store these days would be used if they were on hand.

The pros of making it yourself are:

1.You really can’t fuck this up. You put bones in a pot of water and leave them alone all day [check on it, tho] as they make your house smell like your mother gave a hoot about you as a kid when you were under the weather. Even if you boil too much of it away that’s fine. You’re just concentrating the flavor… and you can always just add more water.

2. You actually know what’s in it.

3. A carton or can of bone broth costs about $4 these days. You can grab an organic rotisserie chicken for under twice that, enjoy everything you make until it’s finished and THEN make bone broth.

In the end, it’s all about how you take that broth[ boxed or not] to a level where you will do the good for you that imbibing bone broth does on a regular basis.

Some baseline options tossed into the pot you’re reheating it in:

  • cloves of garlic
  • raw ginger
  • any greens you have onhand
  • any vegetables and herbs in the house
  • meat and or mushrooms
  • any rice or grains you’ve prepped ahead of time.

If you’re able to have salt make sure you have iodized salt onhand alongside your himalayan and other varieties- unless you’re adding seaweed or something else to make sure you get the iodine your body needs.



As delicious as you want to make it.