#LetsplayaGOOD4ugame: #good4ulattes #medicinalcoffee mode

selective focus photography of person pouring cup Photo by Chevanon Photography on Pexels.com

as #harvestseason approaches espresso IS returning to the mix , in full-on medicinal mode-
&if you’re up for an interesting ride,  tag along!

Adding #adaptogens to your coffee mainlines the effects of them on your system [#notadr ] & #lionsmane is an mvp in this category. It also brings a savory richness to your coffee.

I specialize seasonally (hence the lions mane) on top of a daily splice of adaptogens. I tend to shy away from blends like kachava because of the oat baseline some of the mushrooms those products are grown on are supposedly pulverized with the mushrooms in their propriety blends. This is fine if you’re not avoiding oats. I have many friends who dig them but lately I usually use goldmine adaptogen powder on the daily (which has great splice of mushrooms ).

Blackpepper #blackpepperbenefits  are well known in general – especially  if you’re working to throw off the yoke of  nicotine addiction- but they have always seemed amplified in espresso to me.

Another set of Intel [picked up a lifetime ago from a hot coal walking, wild  #unleashthepowerwithin ‎@TonyRobbinsLive    seminar] that has worked whenever I needed (or simply desired)a furlough from coffee  for almost a decade is the implementation of #Wheatgrass, first thing. I’ve been pregaming on liquid #chlorophyll drops all summer so the swap out should be easy…but take it slow with any straight green shots until you’re sure you’re able to handle them.

Since the Wheatgrass shots are usually used to get Off coffee(&it works) but I’m using it to specifically come back ONTO Espresso in a healthier way, my mod is along the lines of ‎@Wellandgood  ‘s old-school of thought:

Have your #greenjuice first thing and slide your caffeine to the far side of your first meal.  It’s kinda sorta positioning it as a quasi- digestif.

The maneuvering is to protect your adrenals… but still enjoy life.

The energy from clean adrenals is wholly different, a true nother level. A workout first thing is a close second for many who also swear by them.

…but the pleasure from a perfectly positioned in your schedule espresso uptake works wonders too.

Also coming into this gratifying Libation is goatmilk. this summer I’ve been daft about the powder due to how easily it works in tea (& it travels well,  with no need of tracking down each leg of the  Globalboho trek). On top of that, the fats in goatmilk are phenomenal for your body, inside-out.

After relying heavily on honey harvested by a dear friend this year another element being tested is swapping #monkfruit in IF the desire for honey sweetness tries to stay in play. It usually stays out of the mix with lattes but after this summer of slow simmered honeyed Chai abundance it seems wise to have it on hand.

The final element to this is going to be working in #Ltheanine.
The biggest gamechanger for me when bulletproof lattes were all the rage was experimentation with goatmilk & a lil L-theanine in lieu of the ghee or great butter.

What adding a Lil of it does is eradicate the crash that comes with coffee. It chemically seems to shift the entire balance in one’s favor.

It initially made me so nervous that I’d crack a teeny capsule of it into my coffee & be on the lookout for any surprise upticks or energetic downgrades…& there were neither. Energetically it was nothing but net.

#notadoctor … but if you’re willing to be your own guinea pig you too may get great results.

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