Make it with my whole heart Mondaze| shaved ribeye

This Monday’s #makeitwithmywholešŸ’“  meal is undocumented… but easy. I’d made a riff on #shabushabu at home Saturday night, elated I was in #dtla near #marukaiMarket again.

shallow focus photo of bacon
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I had leftover ingredients so the teenaged boy line cook aspect of me took the wheel the rest of the weekend, making  dementedly delicious, culturally apologetic  abominations, Frankensteinian fusion food woofed down from  big steaming healing bowls  or strangely delightful doughy folds.

The finale was Monday’s (today’s)  #ricevermicelli & #shavedribeye, sauteed in #kalbisauce.

My dousing it in kalbi sauce would possibly trigger an old friend of mine to hit me in the arm the way he did over  my instant & incurable adoration of(addiction to) ponzu sauce upon introducing me to it, fussing until he tasted how good my using it “wrong” actually was.

But it’s facking amazing, kalbi.

This #makeitwithmywholešŸ’“ meal was Very #dontlookatme nosh that nourished my soul, the meal equivalent to the catharsis an ugly cry gives, devotedly devoured too fast for the grip of the #documentEVERYYHING demon that has most of us a lot of the time to get me to snap a pic.

Yet super straightforward.

But I hear you…
“Shaved rib-eye? What in the actual h*ll?” Right?

I’m not calling on you to shave your own ribeye.

I mean you could.
It might be soothing, meditative even.

You could also be that šŸ˜ girl[or guy] & ask your butcher to take the ribeye he’s wrapping up for you at the counter &…iono, put it on the same slicer they handle roast beef on…(#dontbethatguy lol)Which would be weird if they didn’t have a sep machine for raw meat šŸ¤” or if they didn’t Virgo out on sanitizing said machine before & after in your face for making such a request…)


You could…Look up the Japanese dish #shabushabu  just to get your  juices flowing,  get inspired to track down a local spot that offers authentic versions of it… have it…and in turn find your way to a local(if you’re lucky)  Japanese grocery store & ask to be pointed towards  meat  prepped for #shabushabu.

In searching For shabu shabu ingredients you can’t help but run into raw #shavedribeye.