Meanwhile in America…

& #meanwhileinamerica …

One of the things that really struck me out in the streets of petaluma california  today besides how sincere outraged over yesterday’s national  events many seemed in passing conversations  was that while the #uscapitolbreach nonsense was going on, SO Many #americans were dealing with totally different energies on their homefronts.

It was the startling number of somber #firealarms trilling sporadically  through the streets that did it.

I thought about the #unmasked, #violent idiot #domesticterrorists getting to play #civilwarenactment versus the #firstresponders answering calls from families of people succumbing to this disease.

It felt like  there was a different  tonality to every fire alarm heard today & it just broke my heart.  Not even sure if that is a thing with firefighters, if they have  different alarms for different emergencies.

But you know what?

Those 30,000, 10,000 (however many there actually were) unmasked, horrifically  broken individuals…aerated all over each other in a heightened state…and were “…Allowed” to return to  their dens sans any repercussions.

They will infect everyone where they come from. There Will be an uptick. There  may be an extended overwhelming of hospital ICUs due to an allowed, arrogant  game of war… & they will have no remorse for incapacitating the first responders that give themselves into this  fight For Us on a daily.

#itsgoingtogetworsebeforeitgetsbetter just seeded our society at a sick #superspreaderevent at the US Capitol.


&If we follow the science it’ll be in around 14 days, ironically  enough. To coincide  with  you know what if Pence doesn’t grow the pair that counts kind of save his now in tatters  political  career.

But on homefronts… all it’s  going to look like is more of this.

And that too breaks  my heart.