Minime is like~

“FIND him… .” In pure Goddess of the hunt, catch & release program mode😇😆.

But~This is Crazy!

There’s whole Battalions of Black Firefighters out here? !

When the fuck did THIS BLACK MAGIC happen?!

Because omg! Rufnkidding me?!

See!? That’s that Spirit of the city of Los Angeles at work!

THIS… is fn glorious.

Telling you, I’ve been all over with AOLAB. & everywhere I go lolol… I’ve …appreciated…the…energy firemen bring to an enclave. But I’m also telling you that, even in nyc, though I was sure they were there, they were soooo rare. & I knew the dude who did the cops & their calendars.

But I just found out – thanks to innerchile’s directive( a la MIB 2’S “BEND HIM”)- there’s an entire association of Black LA firefighters called the LA city Stentorians. That’s so wild. & Cool.