New…new years eve

Instead of dutifully following any practiced tradition for today Holy Daze-wise, I followed my heart.

what do you really want ?

It is so funny to me how scary that simple question can be for us humans.

Because the truth is scary.

& once you know the truth living a lie is hell on earth.

So we can stay in cages of lies for too long, looking for a gentler way than broad daylight to make peace with the truth and step into thew new.

It’s simple.

I …Love.

I love bouillabaisse more than many things on earth. Real deal. Saffron or not, maybe some saucy tomatoes(begrudgingly I’ll allow it lol), but always a fishy broth. No tomato base.

…So I made it.

off the top of my head.

with a loaf of freshly baked bread.

Only one happily noshing, feeling my bouillabaisse tank be replenished. .. did I get nudged to look online.

… Turns out humans have made this into a tradition without my ever having known.