ontheroadagain, now with the DELUGE #aolabactiveartdeck

2020 is ending and 2021 beginning in a literal goddess sanctuary up in the youngest wine country region in the USA.

the Petaluma Gap was designated on December 7, 2017 as an American Viticultural Area (AVA), producing premium grapes that make it one of California’s best areas for growing Pinot Noir.

It’s also the premier gateway to the Sonoma Coast and northern Marin County wine region.

From www.Petalumagap.com

There are  three globalboho enclaves of interest  that I heard about but never got to while sequestered out on Rodeo Beach for everything that was Infinite  Kingdom, areas the cool energies discovered In Sausalito  proper told me I’d vibe with as an artist.

All are an accessible stone’s throw from here. What’s entertaining is that while trying to pregame that was impossible to confirm but on the ground ways were found- which is a low key globalboho  refrain.

Not only is the sanctuary outfitted with an assortment  of instruments( including a keyboard to end the year practicing Motley Crue’s home sweet home lol ), the instrument that started the musically curious arc -a teeny, royal blue ukulele-  is given the position of honor on the wall.

It’s a  sweet forehead kiss. The first time I was ever compelled to seriously pick up anything and play was in the mountains over Taos, New Mexico. I burnt through all internal blocks of “No! I’m an artist whose guardian angels are rock god musicians, I’m not a musician” argument that’d been stoutly in place since my Dad gruffly got us an organ and put it next to my studio/playroom, picked up a gypsy friend’s ukulele and my fingers found the opening chords of like a stone by Audioslave in honor of Chris Cornell’s passing.

Chris Cornell’s sound was a fundamental building block to the grievechronic universe…and when he passed I was sitting on the actual Outpost of Messenger his music had helped me flesh out in my work for Years before I discovered it in the real world.

He was a sonic big brother right alongside the Red Hot Chili Peppers and in a strange, sweet arc of fate when I moved back to Miami to publish Eutaxis I’d actually gotten to meet him. His brother in law was the only decent dude I ever met in South Beach, actually. Said across multiple globalboho project treks.

2020 has been a strange, surreal, sublime year. By the grace of god. This assignment underscores all of that.

In the past 50 days more than enough miles have been clocked to hit the trek goals I’d resigned to 2020 devouring. There’s been something spectacular at every leg, no matter what. And I already Was a gratitude oriented person but 2020 sent those roots deep, even as it gave me space to truly be at peace over everything globalboho about me.

There’s a new iteration of themag.globalboho.com coming in 2021.

I know~ we just started… but that’s part of the fun.

Stay…attuned. To the good.

If you’d like an assist with that attuning, pick up a stunning Deluge AOLAB active art deck (or any of the other nine art decks)to engage with for the new year here:


Happy New year!


Glyph, AngelBrynner, globalboho & aolab.


Oh! The stories that were bestowed in Vegas were too good to just be articles. So they’ve morphed into the next AOLAB book. Yeah~it was that fun! In a f ureaking pandemic. Right before Christmas. Muhahaha!