proof of life| Tony Humphries @Fruit in Naples

I truly believe… that some of us… especially those who gravitate to the paradises found in garages and underground…totally got siren songed into portaling onto this outcropping of rock in the universe…

Via imagining what it would feel like to have a temporal ass to shake to certain tracks.

Sound is perfect in heaven…and while we’re there…in that state… it’s like we heard some Track that some artist on earth got still enough, attuned enough to pick up, translate & blow back up towards the heavens, grinning “I hear you guys “up at God(who IS the DJ… which is why the universe looks like record spinning…whole nothapost😘), the mirroring ringing out loud and clear from the most underground speakesies humans can come up with ….

& then…we hear those tracks whirling around as kids…our first family dance parties & cookouts retread the tracks… it’s a casual sonic tapestry, reassuring our cells we made the right choice portaling into this crazy place.

But usually… what also happens is, pretty much like clockwork, alot of those bangers get remixed to suit the times in just the spread to match our cherubim asses on earth becoming legal to go clubbing-

Dr. Love was what alot of our parents were shaking their asses to in discos before fucking us into existence. & the original hits a certain happy, free key….

But~ the Roar that ricochets through bodies keyed to this disco masterpiece on a dance floor when a House music Maestro Like Mr. Humphries fucks everybody back to preternatural vibratory ecstatic states with his bass driven recalibrations…is like nothing else on earth…

….& is the epitome of what 3am eternal has always been about vibrationally to me.