Smoothie or salade, but always 1st in…

safran serbeti issa homemade hamman “cordial” worth the work of making it. I have a glass of it left.

Breakfast of champions wise , if you are going to include fruit in your proceedings, eat it first.

it’ll hit(& run through )your system to get everything started. You never want to eat fruit after a meal. It mucks up your digestion.

Speaking of afters and befores…

By the same token never have your coffee Before your meal. That’s probably why your adrenals feel shot.

Coffee after? Helps with digestion and all the good components of coffee are easily accessed…. instead of churning & burning through you.

a lot of people use coffee to go to the bathroom first thing. It’s better for your system to let fresh fruit do that with your body lapping up those nutrients and then following your real meal with your latte so it can help your body squeeze out the nutrients from the food.

Itsa amazing machine, the body.