The cliffhanger season finale banger.2020 edition.

It’s the simplest thing.

That message.

That you are loved.

Especially if you are ascertaining whether or not it is true keyed to the world ambling alongside you in the news.

It’s alot, this press.

It’s been a lot and will continue to be alot.

The election is over.

The spectacle is not.

Tomorrow those wanting to make a very bad man feel good about all the horrible things he’s still down with will be converging in DC .

On the surface it is a situation/media event planned with as much finesse as the pitch-perfect Four Seasons Total Landscaping debacle.

To go deeper leads to the hollow earth theory and brings up questions about why certain leaders  who were as bewildered as many of us were went to Antarctica in 2016 after he was allowed to win in the first place (whole ‘nother post). 

I am choosing not to make more news…by complaining about the infection running rampant in the news cycle alongside an unchecked pandemic.

Instead, I’m inviting all who’ve shown up here expecting rallying cries of “We are the champions” or in hopes of blood… to take this weekend kind of…sort of…off.

Because…more is coming.

That we are going to have to suit up for.

Let’s believe for a second week straight of the absence of a 5pm Friday info dump.

Let them go and show out in DC, hoping that people who are as against fascism as they stupidly are for it, not understanding they are its sustenance, not the marginalized they are led to foment at the mouth for the flesh of …will join them in giving these insane people a path to keeping this man in power via martial law.

Let’s hope any crisis actors they hire to pretend to be against the proud boys instead of card-carrying members swinging on their own for ratings will sing like larks when caught.


And let’s hope this inanity gives him those all important to him ratings numbers he needs to relinquish the keys to the white house on a higher note.

Let him have an afternoon of all of his truly diehard fans telling him what 78million+ people told us that we needed to hear just as tangibly a few Tuesdays ago.

“You are Loved…now get tf outta there, we all know you’re miserable in office.”

Without any who are happy Kamala Harris and President-elect Joe Biden won this election being anywhere near Washington DC this weekend.

January 20th?

We storm the city in Victory.


Me? I headed out to basecamp on a beach with some dawgs to reboot and restore before getting on the road again.