What did it for me?(aha moment addendum)

75. I love the number.

I walk everywhere & do some qigong most days, + occasional fitness classes.

I usually eat decently with all my healthy decadence deep roots.

And I tend to drink alot of water by default.

I read to breathe.

So why didn’t this #75challenge work for me, even with the physical therapy modifications?

I let…that daily photo fuck me.

No matter how I manipulated that variable to make it innocuous… that was more of an issue than an unwillingness to rinse out all the electrolytes and minerals I lowkey front load. I could shift around that.

I understand that we lose track of our outsides when we get out of shape sometimes. I get the “see that it’s you that’s doing this” angle, even.

I love my ship.

I truly adore my body, all angles, stages & iterations.

I’m happily ridiculous. Happy to be here, in here.

…I just didn’t get it.

So I couldn’t keep doing it.

& maybe there’s some logic in it that’s already been expressed by this Frisella dude somewhere that I just missed.

But I Spocked out.

& then I just couldn’t continue. Once it’s registering as illogical, it’s like fuck it.

Stayed active…

but the –

Why do I need to re-objectify myself as a disciplinary path in/for this?

Instead of grunting, I’m going to go see if dude Podcasted the fuq out on the particular reasons behind 5. Like I get the water drinking intent, because the brunt of Americans are chugging everything But water. Rinsing out all that sugar makes sense.

I’m going to look for an answer.



Had an aha moment soon as I posted this.

He’s a dude. He’s approaching this as a dude.

& blah blah blah, imma Amazon…who technically kinda-sorta loaded into the simulation with some physical baseline maneuverability & perks most chicks don’t portal in outfitted with.

But even I know that daily pic thing in a different, decidedly “female, in an over-objectified, oversexualization driven patriarchal culture” …light.

That move is the crest of the slippery slope many chicks fall down, especially in our formative years. That fixating on (all that’s wrong with) that daily pic due to cultural programming is in the same arena as fixating on that daily weigh-in scale-wise. In the end, the healthiest thing a lot of genx & millennial chicks did was throw away their scales. But the selfie thing & filters exacerbated those same synapses into firing in many cases.

Saying it’s a mental thing…is true.

But now I see why it got my hackles up. The motif comes with shit.

Disordered eating is a different beast to chicks due to this cultural zeitgeist.

Okay. But what’s the mod? How do you encourage what he thinks the progress picture will do without all that? Do you throw the pic part out like the bathroom scale? Or is there another way?