Willingness to war shifts when you rightly see|Mondaze.

There Are 21 major chakras in the system, not seven.

The reason this “world” is off balance is the powers that be have everyone who is groggily awake focused on the middle seven chakras everyone “knows” by now.

Why? Because that misguided focus keeps them from focusing on & fixing the lower seven chakras- whose energetic imbalances are at the root of every horror show you see out in the world.

The powers that be can’t figure out how to thrive IN the higher chakras… so they use bardo state variations to try to keep souls busy dealing with shit in the lower chakras those entities too weak to survive up in the middle seven can access. It keeps the tangled up souls under their dominion instead of moving upward, energetically out of reach.

As you are “looking up” instead of fixing your faulty foundation you can be trapped in the ruins of that foundation. Those entities still have to have your permission to feed off you… but trapped in your faulty foundation they have better access to you.

Even if that access only amounts to them glowering at you because even trapped you’re refusing them, your trapped light keeps the demons that got them roaming hungrily around ruins in search of food in the first place at bay. They hate you. But they’re terribly terrified of the darkness they karmically deserve.

In real world terms…

Logistically, their need always gives you- the soul with a capacity To ascend – a way to guestimate when those unriseable entities may attempt to come for you. They’re trying to block your escape by capturing your attention with hellish busy-ness.

Overall , the lower chakras are umbrella termed Patala… but there is also the final chakra at the base of you before your consciousness fully disintegrates that is also called Patala.

I’m including an excerpt from a website below that deep dives this conceptually:

Patala Chakra:
The lower worlds – equivalent to the Western term hell, a gross region of the Antarloka. Naraka is a congested, distressful area where demonic beings and young souls may sojourn until they resolve the darksome karmas they have created. Here beings suffer the consequences of their own misdeeds in previous lives.

Patala is the Sanskrit for “fallen or sinful region”. It is the seventh chakra below the muladhara, centered in the soles of the feet. It corresponds to the seventh and lowest astral netherworld beneath the earth’s surface, called Kakola (“black poison”) or Patala. This is the realm in which misguided souls indulge in destruction for the sake of destruction, of torture, and of murder for the sake of murder. Patala also names the netherworld in general, and is a synonym for Naraka.

Instead of seeing this with western guilt-logged eyes when it comes to “Sin,” go back to the original translation of the word used in the Torah to make sense of all this.

In the Old Testament, the word for sin is “khata”, meaning “to fail” or “to miss the goal.” What is the goal? The answer comes on page one of the Bible, which says we are all made in the image of God. Every human is a sacred being who represents the creator and is worthy of respect.

Think...missing the mark. Then picture that overly competitive dude used to winning & lording over others in his wins… throwing temper tantrums over any loss, & his poor sportsmanship fucking up His aim going forward, compounding his losses. His ego gets more & more vile with each loss, & every fucked thing he can think of he starts doing… all nothing but an expression of the infection that initial fair loss he got petulant about got hit with because he SAW he deserved that loss & can’t unsee seeing it. It’s everybody but him that’s at fault. His targeting antics set the stage for the very thing he wants no one to see to be seen, too.

The worst part? Whether he seems to Win or lose… that sore reigns over him & every choice or call to action.

Eventually, even the goals picked in the first place are poisoned by that first festering fermenting at the root of him the closer he gets to the disintegration that is the only way out for him since he won’t face the truth. & the threat is to take everyone with him if he can’t live his lie.

Why is all of this important?

No matter what in you someone tries to shroud in their darkness…

YOU…are You.

& the onus is on you to decide what is best for you & move on it.

Why is the Onus on you?

Even when you literally come here to ride shotgun with/ for another soul…your Choosing to DO that is the focal point of Your movie you came here to tell.

Even sacrificing yourself for that other person, your angels & audience are rueing the emotional choices you’ve made in Your life. Because They are yours.

In other words:

You can’t shirk being The main character.

You came here to be Your lead actor. That’s…how, even shadowing and shoring up sincerely on your part causes blessings to alight upon you.

Your heart gets seen by what is REALLY watching, regardless.

You can’t give your guard to any other hungry ghost to make up for theirs or to appease their thirst.

…& No one can steal yours.

No one can make you “resources” without your consent…and in the end it’s only a false offering on your part if you try to passively appease their spiritual cannibalism in this way.

& when they see this…

when they see that no matter what you have acquiesced,

no matter what you bowed to…

what’s yours is still yours

it enrages them.

Because it underscores the truth of their state that They kick up so much nonsense to avoid facing & fixing.

…which brings it right back to…Foundations.

They’ve been able to get really good at blocking others in the ruins of their unfixed foundations because their cowardice confined them in their rubble. Instead of having the courage to find their own kindling of light & do their own repairs by it… they’ve lazily tried to become the king of that vibration. Every offer to help is loaded with what they truly think of anyone they do help. As long as you abide… by kingdom rules and mores…you wont be publicly decried. But you better stick to the script. Or else be ready.

The world is made up of those who get this & those who don’t.

Those who Can’t get this waste a lot of time & machinations trying to block those waking up into the reality that they Do get this.

I’ve… been trying to not have to deal with one of those “kangs” in my own life for a few years. I saw and gritted my teeth against every step of that dance I felt bewilderment at feeling forced into.

But I was given true peace today.

It came with a recognition that, for all the nonsense that this Kang of ruins has tried to keep pulling me back into… the first festering has absolutely nothing to do with me.