Because “the Reckoning will be televised.”

It’s not been a traditionally heavy day.

We’re not on the other side of anything that could be officially called “traditional” in the light of day at all.

The weight that greeted me- and most of the rest of America- today had less to do with the spectacle Of the presidential debate and more to do with the indictment against the actual America  many of its citizens have to bash their way through just to catch a breath every day  as it stands looking every single one of us in the eye.

Thanks entirely to the apoplectic, flailing rube on the tube.

Umm…I should warn you.

Maybe this is going to be an unpopular take.

What. The. Fuck. Was…that?

…Oh. That?

That…was the implosion of a man  who has been loudly living many a lie for decades… for the adoration of an audience that, though in love with his  bullshit antics, he’s NEVER been able to translate into sales of the shoddy steaks, ties, and vodka that could’ve gotten him to where he’s been claiming to be all along- on the heels of the entire world finding out (officially) that’s he’s been fiscally nowhere near there.

A man who has been performing for an audience that he hates so much that he’s been trying to ensure they all catch a disease he has known is lethal since February so they can die off like the dregs they are to him behind closed doors.

That was a man who winced as his actual track record of now almost 220,000 deaths was curtly ticked off and then brayed about bringing back football in response, in lieu of any mention of national PPE production NINE MONTHS INTO THIS, national mask mandates  nor any  sincere condolences over the lives his conscious negligence stole.

That was a man who was asked about Race relations in this country  who compared himself to Lincoln and then bitched and moaned about the police supporting him. As his response to the subject of People of Color. With millions in the streets peacefully protesting the police’s response to People of Color.

That was a man we all know is a pitiful white supremacist…telling those white supremacists who don’t buy his ties yet flood into his super-spreader events mask-free because they too have lost their jobs and have open schedules due to this nonsense…to stand back and stand by AND to gear up to try to harass people at polling places. Which, word to God is going to get some boys flipped to men in the most ungainly ways on election day if they try it because people of every color are fed up

That was a man whose namesake son was Obviously coked up during his RNC speech a fortnight ago trying to spit on the grave of his opponent’s military son as he jabbed at that man’s son who has gone to rehab and healed years ago.

Look-Understand this.

Every actual shadowy American trope we’ve All had at least one incidence of having to scrape off the bottom of our shoes by age 25 was on display last night. Hung in plain sight like a grist mill around his neck. For all of us to see.

That was like God smashing the faces of the citizens of this country in their unspoken on but widely practiced shit.

It’s all of it, ripped out into the light.

That’s why people are shook.

In his audacity… is God’s dog whistle that there’s going to be hell to pay on ALL of it, no matter which of us it is found in and squeezed out of like the pus of a pimple. And it shook us from sea to trash clogged sea.

People are distraught in the aftermath because they can’t un-see the true sickness that needs to be cured in America.

And no one can un-see  the very real truth that if Old Yeller ain’t put down soon, fucking Cujo is going to do everything it can to maim those who let him get himself into this fucking situation in the first place.

Because until the end It is Never Going To Be His Fault.

[…we should’ve known better than to play drinking games with this shit.]

But believe you, me…

If last night underscored nothing else beyond all that and that 2020 vision is the Universe’s way of saying

“You triflinG motherfuckers are going to look at ALL OF Your SHit and fix it, or know why I set fire to it all as your species burns-“

(Supposedly attributed to the Universe, possibly paraphrased)

Last night told everybody watching that he KNOWS he has already LOST.

These aren’t the moves of a winner. Not one of them.

They haven’t been the moves of a winner YET.

From Jump.

But if you have to do this much to try to incite mayhem at the polls… it’s deeper than he knows he has lost.

This is the behavior of someone who had an Ace that abandoned him in a most unexpected way.

He’s not just losing his mind because he’s already lost.

He’s losing his mind because whomever purchased him via that debt backed out of whatever agreement they’d made to shore this shit up. So he’s not JUST going to lose this race. He’s not JUST going to have that huge amount of money come due.

This is something more.

And it’s going to be a trip to watch play out.

Especially since I already Have my plan to vote(and so should you) and I am off popcorn for the next few.

And I am not the only one with a plan.

Hell, 1.2 million people have ALREADY VOTED.


Real Talk?

This is our gauntlet.

In 2020.

There’s going to be a lot less fear and a helluva lot more Fuck This ShitLet’s Go than they EVER expected. You know how many felons and anarchists and introverts are like “Sonafabitch! This motherfucker is making ME hafta participate?!FUCK!”? After this shit goes down him AND HIS OFFSPRING are going to be getting spat at for the rest of their lives. And they have nobody to blame but him.

I came across this Dan Rather quote as I was wrapping up this missive, after a day of carrying around shards of it on my back like dry bones, wondering if they were going to be able to live without bashing someone in the face as they reanimated. #bibleref.

It’s hard to come to grips with a president who embodies the ugliness of the American story. White supremacy, economic injustice, and entitlement have always lived alongside this nation’s most noble ideals. Perhaps the United States can now reckon with its demons.

Dan Rather, speaking in the aftermath of the first presidential debate of 2020.