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Artemis did not allow her self to kill Apollo.

She brought him into this world so technically she will always have the right to take him out…and he should always remember that, but ~

Orion… was never one Artemis had to bring out of anything.

He was the only one…Artemis just got to be…a girl alongside, self-righteous gloriously violent femme tho she was.

It was a beautiful tale to be part of, and may it rest in peace now that Orion has shown what undergirded his how with love the whole time.

…What a silly, happy reveal.

That’s why I wouldn’t kill him?! That’s why I deferred to strike back? Unconsciously I knew You’d already been doing it?! You knew it was him targeting your head the whole time & I didn’t haf on my spectacles or my site? !

I’ve been beside myself with grief for millennia and here you’ve been, breaking his body like bread for a true decade for him breaking my heart with the death of you. You always knew I didn’t mean itπŸ˜–πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ‘!

He’s gonna limp the rest of this life cuzza you lol. It explains why yer son the cherubim also went for the knee lol.

…you came back & let me see you thriving. Waited for it to fully register so any need for that arc could fully close.

…i can leave now.