Accountability | 75Who?

All summer long I’ve been dissolving trapped trauma, tightness and tension in my body that was making it almost impossible to do the things I have on my heart to do with my body sans injury.

It’s been the first time the old adage

you have to workout to prepare the body To work out”

Really made sense. Upping the ante on an imbalanced foundation is asking for it.

It’s also being spoken by a woman on the far side of another truism:

the shit you don’t correct in your ship ( like your posture & your breathing) will catch up with you, demanding that you do.

I thought I knew my body. But the things I’ve learned, the healing crises I’ve pushed through in a physical sense have changed my mind about almost everything.

We get used to our bodies being certain ways & it really is quite often that we just never received any kinesthetic guidance to correct things the body settled into. & our movement can become mindless self-fulfilling prophecies the more we tune out.

& I thought I was “doing it,” you know? And I was, in a Sense.

But a prime example is what my feet feel like now. I finally found the great white Buffalo of that sector and everything else above it shifted out of whack!

But what it was Really doing was shifting Into correct alignment, with me HAVING to be consistently conscious of what my body was doing.

It was a total rewiring for an ethereal, cerebral angel on earth. It even impacted my breathing-

It’s been a wild summer.

I put alot on hold to grasp this…because I understood that getting where I aim to be without motility and mobility that’d make there fun…is dumb.

& this is the real start.


This frisella dude says no subs.

So I’m not subbing.

But I am defining my definitions.

What engenders mental toughness for one in a progress pic don’t mean shit to others. That photo pregaming has- it kicked my ass right up to the lip of that ” fuck it! I’m having fun with it” call.