On the euthanasia of “America, business as usual.”

The old world has ended. We know it as we stand on its shores. Anyone who begs to differ must tiptoe through the burning wreckage of it and stop six feet away from you with a fucking mask on to try and deny it to your face.

But we can approach this like the baby chicken or the egg that is all it has known. My suggestion? Stop behaving like chicks mourning the destruction of the shell you had to destroy in order to live.

We Have to step out into the new. All of life depends on it.

...It's time to ship out.

A year ago, I stood on this dock in Sausalito. It was a beautiful day as they often are on that side of the bay, no matter the cloud cover above San Francisco or the odd smog that stays put due east of it. But this day wasn’t pristine to me due to the obviousness of the weather. The beauty of THIS day was 100% in having decided that I was going to leave this place no matter what was going on around me.

That no matter what part is the most important point to come to.

Because things ebb and flow. Really fucked up situations relent. Great streaks end up threadbare out of nowhere, even when all you can see is the good that you Know you’ve done that flies in the face of any of the shit erupting anyway. But time has taught me that neither side of those things can factor into your call or there’s going to be some semblance of regret.

YOU have to make calls based on your true interior response to things, not exterior nonsense. That’s how you get to a place where your “No” means no and your yes means “Definitively YES!” You’re not relying on the input of some other person’s interpretive dance trying to puppet your emotions or shade your choices for their own insincere reasons.

Don’t Leave like a lemur, jumping off of a cliff behind fuckers who are being led to slaughter in search of lands that fell into the sea ages ago.

Leave like light leaves eyes when one knows that the thing they truly loved about a person, place or thing has been consciously sold for dross or is dead by default.

… Or leave like the sun leaves the sky at night to reveal the stars that were up there the whole time, recognized during the day or not. Let your leaving be a lyrical process.

Leave like light leaves eyes when one knows that the thing they truly loved about a person, place or thing has been consciously sold for dross or is dead by default… Or leave like the sun leaves the sky at night to reveal the stars that were up there the whole time, recognized during the day or not.

Let your leaving be a lyrical process.

Angel Brynner

Let your completing a stage of your life be full, yet emptied out like a poet having their way with verse.

I’m not good with a lot. Except for when it came to sticking with seemingly futile hopes and dreams(as most bona fide artheads have to be, by default) and leaving places[ #globalboho], it’s grace of God I’m standing here at all. Some say it’s part of my haplessly bewildering charm.

But at the end of that dock I was celebrating in the midst of what looked like a firestorm. Because for the first time in my rambling, adult life when I could’ve gypsied the fuck out of dodge… I had made myself stay where I’d known better than to root three days in.

For EIGHTEEN F UREAKING MONTHS. Arthead Adulting 301.

Like a martyr.

& In full awareness of what I had done… I decided to make a new choice.

Well, Arthead Adulting /Graduate studies is subtitled “Enough of this shit.”

Trusting God, I tasked the universe and myself to do more than just leave. I needed to go with so much awareness and self-forgiveness that the choices that passively and insidiously led to my thinking I had something to prove by being a norm in this dysfunctional world would not be blindly re-selected if on offer again.

All photo credits to AOLAB.

That’s all well and good. Damn near fluff… what does it have to do with Right Now?

“Louisville, Kentucky is burning and you’re talking about docks, and old worlds ending- how the fuck does this factor into what the fuck is afoot in the world right now? What about Justice!? What about Systemic Racism?! -“

My point is simple and my intent is pure.

We have to See the choices we’ve passively made that ALLOWED this blatant miscarriage of justice to be a real-world option… to the point of being unable to un-see them…then forgive ourselves for who we were and how we came to making those calls… in order to fully move on.

Angel Brynner

Justice is so much deeper than just arresting ALL the cops involved in Breonna Taylor’s murder.

Justice is deeper than ridding the Attorney General Daniel Cameron of the weight of making a right call because it is Obviously too heavy for him to carry in a post that is supposed to ensure the people will be treated fairly by the justice system in search of due process.

The DA’s job description states that

“Their job is to rectify wrongdoings against the public.”

Daniel Cameron is woefully inept at that function of his position.

BUT Daniel Cameron was elected in 2019. The term is four years but they can be made to step down in certain situations of public outcry.

Keep this in mind.

We are on the dock.

The grapes of wrath are ripe.

The “city” that stands for all we were and once put up with due to being inundated with systematic prisoner of war conditioning and predictive programming via the unchecked media machine may as well be burning behind us. We’re NOT afraid.

Because it’s always been a variant of bullshit propaganda for those caught under the boot of this country’s brand of capitalism, both here and abroad.

The American Dream is on fire like a sacrificial pyre.

…And the path forward is clear.

We can’t be chickens crying over eggs we crushed to break out into actual life.

The most militaristic thing we can do is concisely decide we are going FORWARD, NO MATTER WHAT.

Protests in the street? Done it. What’s Next?

Selma was not just a walk to remember across a fucking bridge and then the fuckers relented. What did Elijah Cummings do NEXT?

Even after the killed Martin Luther King and Malcolm X…what did Community Leaders do NEXT?

WE have been blinded by the success of what they did. Coddled.

…Generation X, Millenials, Zoomers… we grew up , yes with our own hardships and clashes with what we’d been given license to believe were vestiges of old systemic bullshit…but we had enough of a reprieve to make the brunt of our generations be in shocked outrage across the entire earth at what has Revealed itself to be in 2020.

So we’ve flooded into the streets, into action however we could where we are, wildly on fire for what is right, everything happening outside of us nothing but diesel for the fires of indignation burning in our chests.

And kudos. I love yall. I’m proud of us.

But everything came to a standstill because we’ve had no clue what to do next. Which is why Everything went boom this week.

And it is NOT our parent’s faults.

Number one? They told us enough. Black and BIPOC parents of GenXers maybe didn’t spell it all out, but they told us enough to ensure some semblance of safety as we headed out into the world. And hippies raised some really open-hearted badasses who really believed everything was okay now.

But what has to be understood is They were out in those streets protesting in the 60s to Afford themselves the right to not have to outright terrify their children with the PTSD of what they went through.

Number Two…success left clues. We will learn by doing, just like the heros of the civil rights movement did. Our boon?


Protests Must Lead to coordination and Infiltration.

Coordinating into neighborhood voting battalions to Ensure Everybody who Can vote, does.

And that Must lead to giving a damn enough to run for elected office, down-ballot and otherwise.

This is not Ancient history.

We don’t even have to go back to the 70s and 80s . We saw this coordination and infiltration shit work with the influx of BIPOCs into the House of Representatives in 2018.

We just have to play it in every direction.

There’s a law passed by that very BIPOC -flooded House of Representatives that, if the Republican Senate majority had passed it, would’ve made what just occurred in Louisville IMPOSSIBLE.

FIVE VOTES For this Bill that the House passed in JUNE- The George Floyd Justice and Policing Act– would have been able to forcibly hold the Louisville Metro Police Department accountable for Breonna Taylor’s murder.


Heck, the current president stole an election on a platform claiming he was for the people he’s hosing into superspreading an infectious disease. And even though he lost by 3 million votes when 46% of US citizens did not vote…he still was put into power by a fucked up electoral college that was literally created to keep blacks subjugated and disenfranchised as an assist to those who viewed them as no more than fodder and field-hands.

&we have even seen it work in 2020 with Qanon folks organizing and running for public office on promises to keep ‘their folks’ safe.

These are the M.O.’s they are using against us. That is what they’ve done, claiming to care about their community.

We can’t keep screaming to the moon that the system is broken. We have to fix it where we can and THEN Fuck out of existence every aspect of it stacked against the true intent of We the People in 2020.

Fuck whining about HOW and WHY certain aspects were initially implemented. Get bodies where the calls count and dismantle what needs to be dismantled from the driver’s seat. Special interests are Only able to reign because people who can’t be bought have stepped aside and allowed those who can to stay in power.

Systematically ensure that everyone in your sphere of influence is registered to vote, starting with yourself.

Talking to the teens in your life who can’t vote yet and explaining to them that OUR sitting it out in disgusted protest is how WE left space for these horrible people to flood into the halls where the calls that effect our lives are being made.

Understand that exercising your civic duty is making sure you and yours are cared for in the most basic sense.

Don’t run from jury Duty and then bitch about how cases are being judged. And make noise when they try to skip you for racist BS reasons.

To them, this is a sport.

To them, this is a game of stripping resources from one to stockpile for themselves.

Well guess what?

And I say this as the least sporting person ever…

Black and Indigenous People of Color are stereotyped to Dominate at Every fucking field we step onto. Let’s Tap the ass of that myth here, too.

They want “Of the People, by the People” to be handled like a brutal sporting event?

So be it.

They have made this a them vs us dynamic that, in 2020, we have the ability to nullify with our involvement at every level.

Even if that means that we block by block coordinate to go fucking vote for people that seem to have our interests at heart, marching down the road to do so…

We DO it.

Even if it means some people who had NO Idea that a career in public Service was actually their fucking Destiny (because they’ve never been in a pressure cooker time like this that revealed those nuances To them in real time) have to make some sharp detours into the public sector…

We swerve.

IMAGINE…City Councils across this country Flooded with VICTORS saying “I got into politics to Honor the life of Breonna Taylor and to ensure this shit never happens again.”

Imagine Gerrymandering going extinct because WE have finally started MOVING like this fucking Country was Built by the blood, Sweat and Tears of OUR Fucking Ancestors! Against their will or not, WE have a blood bought right to a stake in this country’s promises by default.

They have been hoping to continue dissuading us from participating by gumming up the works, by giving our generation bullshit to be pre-occupied with in lieu of actually fixing what’s wrong with this place.

We ARE on a dock.

The past is on fire behind us.

And the future is ours for the taking…

If only WE can take this rage and utilize it in our spheres of influence.

These fuckers should have never lasted this long.

But they go no further either way.