apples, angels & eggplants

I’d forgotten how refreshing my underground brethren always were in real time. Especially the ambiguously hot ones. No one’s wearing team jerseys underground beyond the ley lines around clubs we meet gyrating in unless it’s ironically.

I truly forgot how…elegantly & bluntly they immediately clarify to the bone that they are straight as they chat with you, finally on the sidelines, soaked with sweat. Before you can even think to ask or look for a yaas flourish, it’s like handled, usually in some comical, hilariously dark way.

They get it. They’re attractive, can dance, may or may not have on glittery feathers & other paraphernalia… it’s dementedly chivalrous lol.

But today’s entendre took the cake. We weren’t even flirting. But even not flirting… he gets his points. His “I’m straight-” reveal made me laugh so hard that I liked him without seeing him dance. Always see them dance. Unless they’re funny.

It better be okay to retell it.

He was telling me about how you can climb on all the art on the playa & how he’d gone to a local museum & “Don’t touch ANYTHING!” signs were everywhere. I laughed & was like “one guy friend had been told not to touch a sculpture & he’d defiantly done it anyway…so we started datingšŸ¤—, 1 of my first boyfriends lol. ”

He was like “Him doing that wasn’t a red flag?! lol like- You like dated him?!”

Y’all who are familiar with my demented ass know we had a ball together… but I’d not ever thought about how millions in repercussions ” bad” his behavior sounds to fresh ears.

The convo continued & he said he was “straight, by the way… because you know-” he motioned to the mellow madness humping everything on the beach below us.

Actual grown-assed clubkid. It’s a given nobody knows who’s enjoying whose until one declares or asks lol.

But then he started talking about a gay guy hitting on him… with all the candor of a very confident, comfortably straight guy giving a play by play that had me cracking up. He was like he let him because it’s rare for straight guys To be hit on ( there’s a dude I used to hit on purely because he obviously enjoyed it…& he was hot,so ~)#yaknowwhoyaare lol & shush) & he’d wanted to observe the technique šŸ˜and it just- it ended on a “so, of course, I sucked his dick-”

which was the only- To NOT make that joke with that setup would mean a life had been wasted lol. I got a leetle tear of laughter, proud he’d landed it.

It was weird to look back at my life heading to studio and see that candor was on every dude I have ever synched with. Even across all the tongues . & languages.

I was so grateful. I really needed to be reminded of that. So of course I sucked …

See! It’s tha set-up!lol

I have so needed both that dancing & the laugh.