Grace, genius & genes at play

The whole scrapping & starting from scratch on the almost due book project is actually working out stunningly well.

I’m riding a wave that includes going hard on the murals, the book redesign and finally getting to dance mah birthday in, among all kinds of other things. …My joy is full.

I almost didn’t go to afterburn. Solemnly glad I did, serenely happy so many melanin drenched folks were rightfully in the mix, all of us doing our respective things.

I have not even painted yet tonight but I am set up. Just nudging everything twds the assemble / Voltron stage with the book.

… mode.

God, I love mode!

I loooove it still FEELS like this.


…My knees are flabbergasted 🤗

… Very how in tha…are we still attached?

But mentally? I always knew it intellectually but now I know my ass had been swirling my qi underground the whole time. That’s been my qi gong before I was claiming qigong.

When it’s good… it’s fucking qigong on the floor.

I know that it also feels so right because that was the dance that was supposed to happen at the culmination of grievechronic 2020 on April 1st, pre covid. God gave me the deejays I was gonna dance from the arts district to Chinatown to do my grievechronic touchdown dance with.

but this was a kinder mellower ass wag today than that was gonna be lol.

wide awake.

one more spread to finish taking down to its pegs to rebuild &finalize.

I gotta detach from it.