Dream of dreams

This was done.

I was going to be on the road for this. But when my friends heard how all this came to be ~out of the ether~ they added two extra wks to their stay in paradise just to allow this to go down the way that it will for me. From here.

My heart almost exploded in gratitude.

…always lowkey wanted to be a dancer lol. Ballet & Latin Ballroom, actually 😬. Only sport I truly dig. Only females I got always on well with growing up. Alongside my Artboyz 5 outta the 6 of the non arthead major nutters I ran with were dance majors . Because of my stamina underground I was an honorary one with them. Taking ballerinas into clubland used to tickle the fuck out of me, especially when they were technique heads.

People’d be so surprised how tomboyishly Amazonian these chicks come up being behind the curtain when they’re on the professional track.

I just… saw what they did to their feet as blasphemous 😆. & whenever I looked in to it they pushed me towards modern- which didn’t interest me at all until Bourne.

To be fair, I was sized out early. My kid sis stayed small & had a growth spurt in HS, but was a dancer major from 4th grade at school. I was 5’8 in 3rd grade 😁. Cleveland has a storied dance scene, though. Ballet & modern, actually. Conduit to NYC.

That I’m seeing this as the guest of a former dancer & recently finally signed up for at-will adult dance classes in LA makes it all the sweeter. Last time I let me do that was in NYC at American Ballet Theater while finding my footing segwaying from design all the way into leading with art & learning how to write Grievechronic. It used to bring me back home because i had to pay attention to not break my body lol.