tomato, tomahto,to mah toes, to aw hell noes~

The bowels of hell be in those pointe shoes.

My logic of

“come on!! I already have 5 feet of extension due to tha legs & feet I came with”

& the whole

“uh-uh! MY feet are tooo big to not be as baseline pretty as they want to be~”

…coupled with a possibly mitochondrial aversion to the hobbling results of footbinding in my matrilineal past… factored into all my

“I coulda been a contendah!” Whathaveyous lol. They were incessantly shut down by beautiful yet disgusting women wagging mangled footses at me and crowing

“Punkass!you cry looking at’em!😝”.

& I did. I think…as a winged being I must’ve waited a long time to have feet lol.