(earlier)Aft Tea mode…

The sly switch in August to it being slightly darker at 528am than it was even two weeks ago was really noticeable recently. That whole circadian rhythmic thing is no joke, deadlines or not.

The smoky chai rits early in the day have hit even harder (in a great way) but a shift I’m learning to lean into is tweaking that afternoon tea pause into a mellow, medicinal mood boost.

gotu kola/brahmi is a good brain & focus builder and mellows caffeine rich irish breakfast out just enough to make a perfectly refreshing milk tea. It’s a splice that weirds ya out on paper but happily surprises the teaheads I’ve suggested it to.

If you dug the whole “hojicha latte” wave during the confusing start of the lockdowns, want to amp your focus mid day without torching your adrenals with an espresso pickmeup to power through the evening at 4pm( or worse, black coffee) until you crash… this splice may work for you.

I tend to have it mixed at 1oz loose black tea to ½ an ounce of brahmi tea and brew up about a teaspoon of it each sitting… but if you don’t tend to hunt down tea houses everywhere you go it’s so easy to order from amazon & splice your own.

You want the leaves tho.

To mix with the black tea, not brahmi powder-

but if you’re sticking to espresso mixing the powder into it is another way to bring brahmi onto the field.

Love espresso btw … just been 94% off it this summer.

The other tweak is having that pause around 230-330pm. Doing it earlier makes the flow into night rits easier.