gaaaah! START Trusting~!/GB Sundaze

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There is a sensitivity that comes with self work seasons. It’s this do no harm hyper-viligance where you are wonky to your relatively new, really worked for releases and just don’t want to… impinge on anyone else incorrectly.

It’s not performative. It’s just the whistle from that old trauma boil finally popping is fresh in your ears & you don’t want to be the root of anyone’s blistering that might lead them down anything remotely like the metaphysical road you just crawled up.

You can end up watching your life’s interactions like a neurotic hawk in these seasons, if you’re not careful. & some of that IS for the best…when you know you are messy.

But sometimes we go overboard.

Case in point:

There is something I love to do… that I thought I’d overdone last time, & had impinged on my friend. I’d taken clear steps to Not do that as voraciously as last time, sheepishly showed were I’d respectfully & apologetically controlled myself…


I’d given myself agita trying not to harm them by following my bliss too much to be overbearing…and the whole time they’d loved me gleefully doing “it” because they’d hated having to do it!

It was a great lesson.

Those who love you…love you being ALL of you.