…Gateways and gamechangers.

The best thing to do after all that friction is some sort of abhyanga.

I’ve found my dry skin responds best to walnut oil or pecan oil but sesame oil is what is traditionally warmed & used, as well as brahmi oil.

I do it, slide inna lil oil pulling, wrap myself in silk and sit down to a cup or two of hot spiced tea of some sort to just chill and let it soak in .

You don’t wash it off with soap… treat it as a giant oil cleansing massage in and of itself.

The entire time i have a poping-hot medicinal bath steeping that I slip into once the abhyanga has restored what it does and the bath feels less like the surface of the sun and more like a balmy night innJoshua Tree in September.

What you put IN that bathing ritual truly depends on what you’re trying to do for you. This is full of kombu seaweed, irish moss powder, gray sea salt and a few special whathaveyous… and my skin drank it up like a salariman on a Friday night, post promotion.

It’s all about the uptake after a certain point.

Feeling your entire body breathing without any assistance or nudge from camphor, eucalyptus or mint is a moving, life-affirming thing no matter who you are.