Messenger of Beauty|spring fwd

Dry brushing. Intermission.

A few pointers.

Most important?


You can still use a scrub brush IN the shower but dry brushing is a whole nother deal than wet scrub brushing.

You can do all the body scrubbing you want and your body will thank you for it… but dry brushing is 3D to the 2D of those shower scrubs.

Dry brushing is the dementedly lighthearted cousin of foam rollers in fuq with flushing out yer fascia town.

AND…dry brushing also ensures all the good schtuff loaded into those wet body scrubs after the fact soaks in all the way the next day. Just be sure to wait until the next day so your skin doesn’t say “fuq you! What is this madness?!” lol.

…& make it a sugar or honey based one if you feel the need for a wet scrub next.


1.Keep a separate brush. Preferably something that fits in the palm of your hand.

2.Keep it dry.

3. Keep your pressure constant. Don’t be a punkass… but don’t be a sadist either. You’re going to be ashy if you’re black (or have any melanin worth its salt in you), and ruddy( looking flustered as hell) if you’re white.

4. Keep your head up. Don’t waver. Whatever emotions or yells come up, let them out. You were lugging them around like toxins literally trapped in a web of fascia. The screaming is them seeping back into inner streams so they can gtfo you.

When you’re doing it right it’s fast, and over with full body in 5 to7 minutes maximum.


Sitchoassdown After having scritched yourself up…and let your skin relax and most importantly, breathe.

You may even feel your largest organ inhaling and exhaling after it stops cussing.

Palms, soles of feet, nethers…all of it.

once you’ve gotten addicted to the release and re-invigoration quotient you can pregame with popping niacin.

#Notadoctor lol.

The brava action of niacin that actually flushes you will make you Joyfully do the scratching the dry brushing boils down to because the capillaries will be opening from the inside begging to epidermis to exhale.

just don’t be stupid about it.

This is a rite of self love, not hatred.