#GBLockdown like Levar Burton at-home Library Wednesdays […Like~let’s actually READ those fn books we stacked. Collectively]

…We alllll Did it.

Being proactive in response to this pandemic:

“I’m going to read everything I always wanted to read~!”

&then a small voice pressed us.

“… everything? “


(Annnnd scene! Much love for Mr. Gary Oldman for the inspiration. )

In 2021, instead of flagellating yourselves over missing that mark (or fellating yourselves over doing it in spades)

In association with Kokopellima Press, The MAG.Globalboho hereby knights Sir Levar Burton and christens Wednesday afternoons

“Lockdown like Levar Burton at-Home Library days!”

Every Wednesday there will be epic Library porn( not that kind) posted across the book head spectrum as visual encouragement to tackle those books you picked out to get through… with the added assist of feeling others all over sitting their asses down to read too.

It’s a Different kind of Book Club…

Adults who were Kids addicted to Libraries growing up remember the collective, safe semi-stasis that seeps through the stacks when kids are scattered around quietly absorbing themselves into other worlds.

We’ll be using the same old-school synaptic highways, just utilizing broader quantum entanglement theory to get ourselves in gear 😜. It doesn’t matter your pace or your book preferences…

& you can do it your way:

…Schedule Wednesdays as your curbside library pickup;

Dive into THE very books you’ve been putting Off( versus the ones that are easier to pick up);

Go rogue and select something you’d never gravitate towards to check out;

Read more of what you love ~ it’s all up to you!

We are simply holding space for ourselves and one another to get in “reading mode.”

Where did all this come from?

It was requested.

And then I realized it actually dovetailed nicely with four end of 2020 things that occurred:

1. Taking inventory of the digital library of books carried around and a decision to read them all this year;

2. Being dropped off curbside AT the library by Amtrak in wine gap country & feeling a surge of pride over the reserved badasses manning the decks, finding a way to feed the needs of haptic heads.

3. Ending up in a sanctuary filled with Goddess books I’d normally not be drawn to demanding I pick a few to peruse.

4. Something randomly hitting to send love to Levar Burton for all the bookheads that his show Reading Rainbow birthed… and the outpouring of agreement on Instagram over giving him his flowers now.

…That he responded to with a 💓 and blew my f ureaking mind.

Everyone has their superheroes. Before Morpheus there was Levar Burton freeing minds on PBS.

Soooooooo~ if you’re in…yeah.


Occasionally some of the old programs will be posted too, for giggles. It’s going to be so Fun!

…but you don’t have to take my word for it.