“How, Sway?…well~

concerned woman browsing smartphone in room Photo by Liza Summer on Pexels.com

Seeing as though I have spent a good fifteen years on the road Producing art exhibitions in some of the least bipoc-oriented enclaves on the fucking continent( before bipoc was even the deflective racial fleece term it is now positioned as)…

Wrangling together production teams boots on the ground from local stores of creatives solely due to the cognitive insight of higher-ups who could See my skills ….and were more invested in the numbers and coverage my installs & presence brought to their venues than the whimpers of those under them that’d often had only dealt with black characters & caricatures they’d seen on TV or wherever that community silently and stereotypically held their melanated constituents…

I’m kinda well versed in navigating the well meaning foibles of folks who oftentimes were the most evolved… thems… they knew.

Since you’re asking…how.

But don’t think the aforementioned hostility was only coming from them.

Quiet as it’s kept…sometimes “your own people” can be just as fucked in the head over you not sticking to the rivers and roads they’re used to seeing those that look like themselves on…as those who are sure their cloak of liberalism hides their antagonistic energy against those their people once owned.