What it’s like… ALOT😂.

…When certain folks have to process Us in surprising to them places.

Even when they meant well 😆.

But I would take this silliness over hostile “how did You get to do this?” Whodidyoufuckery any day.

Being treated as suspect on the field by someone who would’ve never let you on it only used to hurt when it surprised me coming out of a person I would’ve not expected such smallness from.

But Then …I recognized, thanks to a godly head tilt, that was why they were there…and God had others with eyes to see picking who God had told them would be true boons to them & whatever they had on their hearts to do by God’s grace.

It’s never about the blocker.

They’re just a buttplug, a cog.

It’s about the play.

& our abilities to fully enjoy the true game.