Love, brother.

“His story to tell.”

Whole lotta of people y’all cast out as crazy are sane enough not to take on the karmic loads others around you trying to “make it” are willing to.

& Okay. Let’s just address it.

Why am I not participating in the Diddy pile-on?

Y’all know what I write.

What I left the mountaintop or whatever to write.

I didn’t call my generation the walking dead survivors of a child abuse war at the top of that shit on a whim.

If… the money comes with a full awareness of all you must look away from , make concessions to, ignore, twist yourself up to be okay about “better them than you”style… realize that’s a blessing. That you’re being given a cosmic choice that most Never recognize getting when they’re ankle deep in shit. Then Choose wisely… & let the chips fall where they may. Let them say what they’re going to say.


Say whatever y’all want about Diddy.

But yall know what I write.

He has all kind of hell to pay for shit he’s responsible for. As an adult.

But these mothers…are going to be addressed by their sons in this generation.

For real.

It’s the only way out for dude. For any of these dudes fucked in the head due to how the mothers fucked them up in the head.

& one of the most general reactions to coping with processing sexual abuse as a child that your parent or caretaker either enacted against you or callously made you privy to or a target of…is a variant of Stockholm syndrome, where the adult survivor doesn’t just try to convince their inner kid they “liked” it, they also run themselves through the gauntlet of the abuse as an adult, trying to prove to their souls that they did. All the drugs tossed in to facilitate it- the K to numb them, the coke & meth to amp them, the X to give them some sense of euphoria…is because All that is missing from the act.

The gay scene is populated with survivors of it, those who finally unpack all that shit for their own sanity… but that’s…not the ‘gay’ trope y’all wanna hear about or brandish. Y’all want the rainbow unicorn fun & games lifestyle. Not the buckling under processing they’ve been letting zaddies rape them mercilessly for decades trying not to deal with what the fam did about Unc.

There’s barely footage out of Sean’s mom where she wasn’t rocking white nail polish. & there IS word out about him…once being at a point with her where he was vicious with her like she did what it is 99% possible she’d been doing to him all along as a child. My heart has 120% gone out to Cassie this entire arc… but in that video…To me… it was like he was stomping out his mom for trying to leave him in shit. To me.

It even would make sense of the apology…if he was seeing his dad stomp out his mom before he was kille being enacted by him all those years later. Blatant narcissism aside… his apology wasn’t a narc apology. That was an “I have become him” shame tour. He either bought it & never looked at it…or he leaked it himself.

Only he & his mother are going to figure that shit out tho. Clearly, all these chicks willing to behave like the woman who “raised” him are place holders. Vessels. To smash. So he won’t kill her.

He’s been fucking his mother euphemistically the whole time across these women, trying to fight off processing. .. what it is time…for Him… to fn process for real.

Not for his kids sake, either. You can’t hook having to do this on anybody else in your life. Even if you take scores down with you…you die alone. He’s going to HAVE to face this mom shit…for him.

This main stage fuckery & FBI shit? All the cloak & dagger mess chock fulla the community enablers I LITERALLY walked away from the community over…

Is fucked. But i told yall this shit was coming for just shy of three fucking decades in my work.

This tizzy ain’t for me. It’s for y’all to snap the fuck out of dealing with these chicks who will transactionally set the kids you’d have with them up to be raped because that’s all their mindfucked asses came up seeing.

My quiet, off in the cut concern… is for what’s gonna happen … when he recognizes that Forgiveness is important… but it’s not the only eye the mother needs to be looked at via. &that…is going to be between him & Her. With all this hell that he’s willfully created in the wake of his childhood going on .

I pray for the victims… who stupidly put themselves in harm’s way due to whatever the fuck they were running from or trying to keep up with or prove. I pray for every person with a fucked up backstory that led them to him with the possibility of that fucked up demonic synergy. I even pray for the idiots who weren’t victims…who thought signing on as a lesser demon was a psychological upgrade…

But I see past all that to the fucking inner kid of dude that’s survived all this shit, who is glowering at the world, ready to burn it all down.

People quiet because he has tapes on Everybody. Including the ones looking away like the shit wasn’t a big deal as it went down.

But the reason he’s been able to have tapes on everyone is that in the music industry these artists are encouraged to fuck with kids , the bigger they get. The 13-15 yr olds always had access to 3 pockets: theirs, moms & dad. $. Across color lines.

Look at that drake shit for the current blueprint being used, which shifted a bit but not much.

Most of these dudes stopped developing at whatever age they were when the money hit hard for the first time. Stunted.

So for Puff… that’d be rolled back to what? 19 or 20? & at 19 or 20 is when most child abuse survivors first snap hard, psychologically disengaging from the hells they ran out of, with those hells fresh & foul, needing to be drowned out in order to fucking function as an adult…or be leaned into, going fwd.

…he is not the only one. Either. Reckoning wise. Just be prepared for that.