Meanwhile in America: I was STILL surprised… even though I am NOT surprised.

They are terrified to run the numbers regarding how many of the 65,000 Actual, bona fide accused RAPISTS tied to these rapes in these red states are tied to local militias.

This is just another wave of domestic terrorism in this particular war.

& how many of these girls & women who got raped by these men were MAGA heads themselves who never saw this entrapment coming that was obvious to everyone else?

They don’t see this coming but…

” If you would be charged with murder for killing the embryo/ fetus- that doesn’t even Register on ultrasound UNTIL six weeks- of a guy who raped you anyway…who the system Wont prosecute effectively anyway without blaming YOU for Him attacking you… may as well kill the motherfucker who raped you in the first place. They have you going to jail for murder either way & he deserves to die for his intent to Start someone’s with his rape while intending to end your life tied to him with that rape-”

is on the wind. & It’s going to be bloody.

But it may be the best culling possible regarding this subject.

The 500,000 reported and unreported may be hyperbolic. But there are 65,000 kids now here who were raped into existence in Red states already…is insane.