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stack of pancakes Photo by Alesia Kozik on

There’s still 2 servings of steel cut oats chock full of walnuts, raisins blueberries, butter, honey and figs from the front yard to round out the week but waking up to the entire house smelling of fresh passion fruits picked out back has definitely caused some dayUp detours, dementedly licking lips over how delectable that being the first thing in your belly is.

But tomorrow the name of the game is Pancake prep.

& maybe a stash of tortillas & Pico de gallo, chasing the dragon that is that rainbow acres riff for the tacos I’ll be whipping up.

On Thursday. (Gasp!🤯not Tuesday?!) That’s right lol.

Although I do have those amazing protein tortillas onhand so I should probably wait to get all test kitchen with the tortillas.

… for the record, these are so good.

But don’t these look fantastic?

We’ll see how weird science it gets.

There already are standard easy recipes in both categories but tomorrow I am tussling with millet, which my body loves , & some additions. If I love it, the batter will enrich itself in the fridge to go all out Saturday after batching out for weekly food prep pregaming.

If you’re in…track down some millet flour …& I’ll see you in the kitchen lab by noon at the latest 🤗.