MidLife, in the Garden of ‘be good to you, not evil~’

Good God, he loves me!

My (pending) birthday treat to myself was a decision to be gentle on myself.

I’m literally the Most laidback, damn near heretical #Virgo on the planet (thanks in part to that #woodrabbit #Chineseastrology energy, #scorpiorising whathaveyous and God himself mellowing even me out every age I’ve  hit post 30)… but I’m Still a Virgo.

#Septembrian virgos don’t call themselves  Sadists but left unattended we sure can quack like those fn  ducks lol.

The older our astrological lot gets (to our bemused shock, usually) the more consciously we tend to learn to be kinder to ourselves. It’s usually triggered by seeing one of  us not trippin like we’re  programmed to  but we take that intel to heart, analyzing how it can be applicable to our own arcs – when it’s time.

《when it’s Not time, any other Virgos we see simmering the fuck down in the ways we often need to ( that have nada to do with that BS ” this is a virgo” list up) …THAT virgo may be treated like a rabid raccoon 😂  out of fear of  communicable infectious aspects to whatever the fuck IS up with said rondo Virgo on the verge… 》

…anywhoo~back to Gentleness.

The expression of that self gentleness  this year was finally making a call on something my innerchile and I hashed out. I put that kid aspect of me through alot reparenting-wise, and she’s always a good sport about programming changes. 

Whilst figuring out dayUp tweaks earlier this year “she” intimated she could give a fuq about my hot libations(adult me is gung ho on the hot early imbibing)…but she really enjoyed a good cookie🤗.

So I’ve been reauditioning cookys all year to give the kid what she desires 😁.

…No. Seriously.

Now personally? I will Make a cookie(any sweet)  before buying them because (as a virgo) then I know exactly what’s in it.  I even make Ice cream. It’s full frontal Virgo+ self-seductive hedonism in the kitchen overhere.

But there is a shortlist of prepared & packaged contenders.

This cookie #Lotusbiscoff  became best in show in 2023. They make even the most meh in-flight tea or coffee feel like a taste sensation “experience.”   

After making the call? I kept running into them on the road and forgetting to grab them.

But last night…I saw the terse Virgo negligence IN that just happily happening to forget.

I’ve absently noticed September folk tend have that passively dismissive shit in spades lol.  We aren’t  trying to be dicks, I swear! lol… it’s like leftover default programming once we start “doing the work.”

I stared down the aspect that thinks it feels I’m indulgent enough (that’s really just old leftover mom code #footholds #awareness changes Everything #wholenotherpost) and  consciously ordered some  #ontheroadagain,  #fortheroad.

They were not expected this soon. By me.

But I see in their arrival before my inaugural return to espresso that the battle for them last night[ &it was a weird, ambling battle),  for her(my #innerchild) was Important.

God was like “give that baby her cookys~”

…and here we are!