…none of it is innovation, it’s codified deprivation.

All you have to do is look at a kid who grew up on an iPad, then think of a kid who grew up addicted to books. That screen is doing something wholly different to US and most definitely to these kids.

…the haptic experience of a book takes you there.

That iPad ensures that kid goes nowhere, because even if he does… it won’t register the same way to open his mind to the world.

It’s not that our world no longer exists. It’s that they’ve programmed a generation of humans to be priced out of the experience of it as purely as we had it, fiscally, psychologically…fully. so they can commodify the buy back in.

I’m just like “the only way I’ll raise a kid on a screen is if I teach that lil tech head to rip it open & MacGyver it or shapeshift it into something else for sport.”