Nowhere is always On it| Erewhon| #ontheroadagain


…Requested my presence at court lol.

For a wee sojourn. It heard me processing the surreality of what the story became in Marina del Rey for Globalboho and ordered recalibration.

Over off Abbott Kinney, the place the spirit of Venice had me protectively plow through its streets towards as the energetic outpost it instantly was from the get-go.

Walked into erewhon to stock up and kid ya not, every track playing was something blasted painting in the wee hours of this exact day for like five songs.

All I could do was bop along hunting rhythmically with everyone else in the aisles on their own shit lol.

Venice was just like “…just saying lol~”

& I left my sea moss.

so That it was like “igotchu~” …is because it gets me. I do fucking love it here. In particular. & it does know it. It loves. .. thaat I love it. Gets how finnicky against my will that I can sometimes be and just loves me smackdab in it.

Not many places feel that kind of unconditional for a Glyph chick on this rock.

ETernally grateful for the reminders & bendecirs, Vii.