…had to warm up lol. Minime woke me up Flashdancing me outta bed, pulling on cashmere legwarmers, silky hot pants & a billowy vtee that tha kid dangled offa mah shoulder lol. #flashdanceclavicles #letyerinnerkiddressyouonfridays 😆

This MJ song dissipates that so I can breathe lol.

Frickin Jennifer Beale, maaan!

That’s part of the steeltown clubkid stique at tha center, FYI. 😇. Mini’s contribution before spazzing to Lords of Acid.

…also inspired the Anjuge in grievechronic, long before Sirocco & my Battalions of drag queens coming up.

pretty sure youty’s gonna tag me lol

Oh…why the ceiling?

Because I was dancing lol & you can see my qi flashing on the roof of the room again. Had an amazing clearing hier.

Years in the making…