Go.See.Do.Serve… then see what comes out of you[AOLAB].

…Intent helps things balance out.

Her name meant passion fruit.

There was something about this lil Falcor dawg. SHE was ballistically terrified. Pissed. At first. I know that feeling. So I let her go off… then I started scooping her up and taking her to the mirror like I hadn’t done since meeting my nephew ( who’s born on my birthday) a lifetime ago. Then she’d completely chill. She enjoyed it so much that she started ordering me to do it when I came in lol. & then she just became a regular happy dawg. All the stuff they were doing trying to help her nervousness when heading out she started outright refusing. So I just went with it.

I only found out Friday morning when I was asked about what they were doing the depths to which how much had shifted.