spoilers, saltburn, slightly seen

man blindfolded Photo by Alan Cabello on Pexels.com

What’s interesting 🤔 is in all the uproar no one recognizes Oliver was brought in to be food.

It is a vampire film. But not Cho mommas.

He got invited to saltburn to be eaten.

Felix isn’t much different than the daughter in get out. He made it seem like Oliver was his first friend home, like his mom always brought the food for them to play with.

His mom set Ollie off running after his sister on purpose. Consciously. To speed up the feast.

…after he did bloody venetia(say as Britishly as possible) he found out there were a multitude of others they’d consumed.

the family clues & awareness was always there.

she was a window into it, the family, to the proud proclamation of being coldblooded.

But…watch the mother’s eyes when Ollie hits on her before she sics him on her daughter instead. First.

It explains her bfast demeanor on Felix ‘s D-day.

& the funeral they had to go to in London. They killed her. The drained body showed up in london.

the butler (yesss, master), struggled to close the red curtains behind the cousin because inevitably HE was freed from the jaws of the beast at the last minute, utterly against his will.

she even says they’re all gone now with her ring finger suddenly bare in the Cafe.

she’d stalked him to the area & got the flat. To hunt him. He laid himself out to be found.

Mum cleared out her own family.

she wouldn’t “let” Ollie leave, which got her hubby to pay him off, ensuring she’d know where he was. That explains the “surprised he lasted so long” quip.

It’s a narc mother love story.

They brought poor kids to be devoured by the minotaur in that tale. Each season, a girl & a boy. Because the rulers were monsters. It ensured their crops. Theseus wins by betraying the family that brought him in to be food for the minotaur.

but Ollie became the minotaur for the mom early on. They were under another minotaur when she offered the window in to her half bullGod. Venetia.

…could have been as easily in Hollywood. As on the estate. Or the Hamptons. But would’ve hit too close to home. The way they fed off the poverty porn story he wove for a seat at their table.


Felix set Ollie up because he was to be eaten at his own birthday party.

he was still to be the offering.

… That was to be the bread breaking.

“I can’t even remember his name lolol-“