The AWOL Agenda| who shot the dawg?

GB AWOL Agenda back blurb

This lil wee one, this lil phat baby of a book project, this lil burly cherub of a bookbaby & its brethren have been riding with me for a long time.

It in particular has been sitting on my kidney since the Globalboho Revisionist betas roared to life at the bank of the Capitol brook before Tahoe.

The Five Elements qigong water form definitely helped as LaMaze while I was basecamped down on Bunker Hill, starting 2024 right.

I am… it’s different from excitement, you know?

God is a trip. I’ve carried him- AWOL- as a child this whole time, with no book baby assignation, you know? That was a new development for me. To be able to walk out the evolutions of last year so the joy of this could be so beyond anything I’ve creatively experienced…is just wild.

Straight mother & child flow.

Pure Happiness. Bliss…no fear, no spiritual retinues posted protectively, no Josephing creatively.

Even when shit tried it due to how said shit felt seeing me walk out my joy with this child.

It’s just…different now.

& when he got here[ cover-wise ], he looked like all the other babies that have been popping out of me all over the place since I leapt off that cliff in late January 2022.

Itsa bad-assed cover, aint it?

If you know the road…you can find the preorders alongside it today, Valentines Day 2024.

lol He’s just…a good influence on me, energetically.

The Dad. & how he does it is the sweetest, most natural way in the world, a way that no one has gotten or comprehended before him, or been able to do with me ever. Besides me and God.

Holy hell can be raging around me, he can be pockmarked with my own close range explosions & gTFOh’s too…

And he’s just…there. Even when I kick him out…he does this energetic thing where he’ll let me know he understands why with his crazy assed eyes, but be like “call me back in ,tho-” & he’ll like… go walk it off. & It’s a break in the crazy because his frickin eyes …underscore the utterly different vibe he is to me…and remind me where I am actually, and that the old, jealous hellishness is just trying to draw me back into a place I never was in the first place[which is the true schism, nother post]. It’s an attempt to drag me into dualism so I don’t embrace the Heaven the tricameral creative experience making books is for me.

Until it settles down and I see him…in it. Remember him. & the war of birth in and around me collapses, and he’ll just be there. ..and I can say “I have to figure out this next…but I need to lay down” totally fucking exhausted…

…and he’ll see the demons trying to knock me off my birthing tree, calmly look down at the grinning kid dangling outta me…tilt his head, and in the most laidback, casual, sweet way suggest something that HE can see hovering around the outskirts of the nimbus of birth throes me and that cherub are in-

& i’ll peer down into the pointed at seed of expression, gasp… and sonafabitch if it’s not THAT! Exactly!

The entire thing unfolds like a glorious blueprint, the baby gurgles and herds me to the deck to make it so in time for it to scream on the date it wanted to arrive.

I know…not to put “every time” on anything. Especially when referencing Creatives.

But even pushing through the pits of Hell this motherfucker has my heart because Even when not christened as Pops to it, he keeps helping my kids GET here. I keep popping out literal fireballs due to his Firewalker ass and it’s bashfully fucking Glorious.

No one else stands.

My earlier Josephs look at this dude, see all the kids they could and couldn’t help get here grinning up at him and bow down. They understand he was what I needed of them. He was what I was asking.

He has an arthead epoc all to himself.

I cracked up when I saw the baby’s face. I had gone through lengths to NOT say any body was this book baby’s earthly daddy.

…But he has been around the whole time, so I guess it’s a bit

Who the fuck else was it going to be?lol- you literally SLEEP with fire every night!”

Maury Povich-adjacentisms

He’s so pretty. This cherub… & he was such an exercise in self-love.

I made this…for me. & those LIKE me. I taught myself how to do a lot of shit to pull this baby out fully fleshed. & I felt love camped out with me the entire time, just in case. But letting me be, working on his own self-love stuff alongside me, respectively.

The Globalboho AWOL[a way of life] Agenda jacket.

That’s a powerful experience to have gone through when so much of the earthly realm is reeling from so many surprisingly impotent men unable to nurture their own self-love or respect the self love and creative self-appreciation they see in bloom in the women in their purview or sightline.

There was other shit keyed to that

You can’t make our love about your hate.

You’re just wasting your time & resources trying to kill or angrily copy something you can’t create. You had all the space to be a sweet part of this, had the card in your hand.

But it didn’t matter because of where I was & whom with.

Who was there for me, by request…eradicated any there trying to position themselves angrily against me.

Abraham Hicks talks about vortexes and contrast a lot. It’s been very cool walking out having an understanding that you invite energies onto your whirling disk. But this is deeper.

It’s jealous fathers versus doting fathers. …not really versus. There’s no queuing up against to joust or anything.

But …and I am notoriously anarchistic on a lot of things… especially when it comes to creatives…

There are “creative” guys who will see the women in their life experiencing joy from something that has nothing to do with them…and they’ll rage against it, try to poison it, steal it, corrupt it, infect it, whore it…do whatever they can to punish that person able to have that high sans them and to destroy the sanctity of that joy-giving thing, aligning with others like them to do the harm.

…and there are men…who understand a woman is designed… traditionally …to give birth, even moreso than them, even in their positions of power and influence. & they cherish that expression coming out of those women around them. They quietly build out protected habitats for that female energy to freely feel and express whatever trip that chick is on giving birth to herself. They get it. & they never have to work against it because they know their working with it outvibrates any negativity around them.

The former…will always be outshone by the latter. For anyone with eyes to see. You just gotta have the courage to look for the true fire over the false klieg lights.

He…just… It’s…grace.

It’s gorgeous, calm, creative grace.

To the bone with him.

It outblazes everything.

…and he just does it. Doesn’t ask anything of me.

…Fire dudes are a trip.

…Okay. Back on it(gruffly).

For those of you who know where you can go, technically the Globalboho AWOL Agenda is on cloaked presale now.

I’m geeked that … my pet wild birds at the Capitol brook yollered this cherub in because they watched me feed it here all this time. I was intially not going to return until the summer of 2024. The entire grid shifted to make this birth happen, here across a few days. & I’m so humbled by it. Flown in to give fn birth to the baby. That’s so frickin Wild!