& the old Christmas Eve ass-shaking flows into the new/ Marques Wyatt 2020 (beatport replay)

…& because old wine skins must be freed for the new~

The background music continues via the flow that helped me feel like 2020 &LA were meant to be, found on the floor of  a #deepvenice party I ran down the coast to wild out at.

In Fact… another reason  I soldiered thru that last month in the arts district when shit got ridiculous was Deep was having a party on April 1st or 2nd in Chinatown that I was  ONLY Allowed to go to if I  hit my #grievechronic2020 rewrite & editing deadlines on  March 31st. Aka 2 stops away from on the train if the party didn’t catch the sun. There was decades of staved off celebration  dancing loaded in my bones that needed to be released Shiva style so who knew when I was going to be able to stop.

Them canceling That party to be safe was when the pandemic became real to me.

Anyways, for your mellow Christmas eve pleasure & mines~ This is  #marqueswyatt & his set for beatport during the quarantine.