Christmas Eve background music/ old-school NYC clubhead style lol, featuring India.

The BEST thing about the holidays in NYc in the mid 90s is all of us partied our asses off all December, including Christmas eve.

So many of us got our first tastes of “Not going home to fight family for the holidays” on the dancefloor at Palladium, Limelight & the Tunnel that it was never a hard call again to avoid Christmas dysfunction.

There are lots of people this year saddened by inabilities to be with their families. God bless Those people & provide them with their encouragement.

But there’s a bunch of y’all who… have needed a holiday “away ” for a mighty long time…and I’m just hoping you…Embrace it.

See the blessing in all this.

A friend whose entire extended elderly family is cursing her for not coming to Christmas even knowing her & her kid Have been exposed to covid… said she’s padding around in pajamas on Christmas for the first time since she was a lil kid.

No drama.

Dance through the release of it….

& Watch “Love & Happiness (Yemaya Y Ochùn) (feat. India) (12″ Club Mix)” on YouTube if you need some help remembering how to shake that ass.

Happy Christmas eve.