The unity & fluidity of Unità| AOLAB|on the road again

The best thing about this unconventional AIR collaboration between Unità and AOLAB down in the beach cities of LA is how the productive energy at each unique location can be as rigid or fluid as needed.

I have gotten more planning & production sector stuff handled at Unità Manhattan Beach in the past year than any place else in LA county.

Unità El segundo is the literal, tangible arthead high haven for AOLAB.

Kokopellima Press pubhead AND design mode thrive there too, hands-on, ” get inspired & galley it out to see for real” style.

Unità Hermosa holds as the ” home of the harsh light of R&D reality” when products have been produced and are finally held in hand.

But what has been really cool is being absently aware that the waves I’m rolling to when I’m home here are not just affecting me. Kin & comrades synched with at different locales & in different stages of my geist are popping up at the same spots in similar modes. & we’re all disciplines too.

The beauty is that it’s not us…

It’s here.

All the heres, vibrating the way each of their vortexes see fit that day. And you are an artist/ creative responding to the vibrations with your own addition to their songs.

To then look up from full functionality within your own flow and see those you rock with in passing amble in, showing up to respectively get down too…it’s just symphonic.

That’s a truly wonderful thing to find & appreciate in these times.

Part of today is pure planning, and every arthead acquaint crossed with so far at Unità MB is in a similar state of mind/zone.

Can’t explain how good that feels & do it justice yet. But I am working on it.

Meanwhile, if the vibes I’m riffing on have made you curious, check out unità for yourself.