Meanwhile in the (Unità.Club)LAB| Altland2empyrean modular murals[in process]…

deep in detailing mode this entire month, fleshing out the universe that Necessity brings into being by sheer force alone.

The Anannke has been having a blast mind-gripping folks again, in process.

This time around the ‘best in show story’ to service the lore of The Anannke with no help from me came about through Cristina Sasso, a director friend over at Unità El Segundo.

She sent her partner ( actor/poet/ TED Talk dynamo Sean Hill) to check Empyrean out down in the north studio where it was waiting for me to stop wrestling with pubhead and get back to work on it.

He went down and- once again, with no help from me or knowledge of #grievechronic or the #grievechronicuniverse at all- came back upstairs grinning.

He then went “I think it’s about~” and proceeded to lay the entire cosmology of the Grievechronic universe across the table in front of me like an offering.

Dude saw it all, from the cities of God & dark halos to the full scope of angels embedded by their own design into the painting, even the altar aspect.

…Naan a word from me about the work or my geist.

I looked at Cristina in shock, words happily lost. She shook her head and proudly grinned “that’s him~” like she witnessed that transmutative magic hop off all the time.

Telling ya…that was alllllll the Anannke comically showing out via whomever looks at anything I paint of her with an open mind. That was evidence of Their conversation.

Archetypically speaking, she knows that I just am in 5 year old “I get to paint 😬” heaven …and just embeds her allegories in the pigment as she feels like it around me. It’s like she knows I’ve carried the story long enough and everytime she gets a chance let’s me know she’s carrying her archetypal part too.

That’s a whole other kind of nexus between arthead and writerhead highs.