THIS is what I mean…

What’s the point of raw-dawging any dude who’s unable to be THIS kind of man for his big headed progeny your pelvic bones literally unfuse to push out/portal into this world?

&it’s not about “you’re holding it against them! What if they Never HAD that? “

Here’s the thing, the true Lesson: The ones who Didn’t have that…yet Decide to Be that…who stop making excuses about their bad fathers to justify their shirking their own paternal behavior. ..are the real gems. You don’t balk about the ones who want no responsibility. You understand that’s coming from a real place. But you don’t punish a kid by making that kid hafta deal with that on top of whatever kid came here wanting to work out.

It’s all about the man or woman YOU have it on your heart to be for the man or woman crazy enough to bring these space cadets in to this apocalyptic realm to go for it lol.

& ALOT of genx & millennial black dads have been doing this loudly…I remember the shift…the last 15 yrs have been amazing to peep.