Tropical Refuge|Fridaze night


The sun standing momentarily motionless over the water in the center window stills whatever you came through the door with and you find yourself easing into the grounding exercises like a champ.

But be advised: THIS is a gentle yet Real Yin yoga class.

It’s the kind of yin yoga class where the moves seem so innocuous at first and then suddenly fascias start whimmering like they’re in the presence of the eye of Sauron right before the yoga teacher(zee wonderful Mecca tonight) softly purrs “….we’re just going to STAY here for 30 more (years?!seasons?! Eons?!) … seconds. Now breathe~”

It’s perfectly timed to the sunset, opening-wise, and the consensus amongst my valiant band of yin yowlers was that it was the best way to start a Friday night.


Instead of being sleepy at the end of class, I felt refreshed. It made me a bit philosophical.

Is sleepiness just exhaustion? … is exhaustion just lactic acid gnawing at you? If you squeeze or massage the lactic acids out of your fascia will the sleepiness leave your body?

I don’t know the official answer to that.

But I do know Tropical Refuge is worth checking out.

They have a full roster of teachers &types of yoga on offer.